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About us

ReadHowYouWant provides a variety of contemporary and classic works, both fiction and non-fiction, in whatever format a reader requires. This includes large print for people with low vision, DAISY and Braille for people with no vision, a specially designed format for people with dyslexia, and additional formats for people with special needs.

Sofnix has been working with ReadHowYouWant from the very start in development of the concept and backend services. Over the last 14 years this relationship has grown and Sofnix now provides full front-end and back-end services to ReadHowYouWant.

  1. Development services
  2. Channel Management for sales and distribution
  3. Sales and Financial Management
  4. Customer support and order management

ReadHowYouWant web portal has been developed using ASP.NET Core 2.1, a cross platform, high-performance, open-source framework. API driven architecture is used to make a big split between the backend and frontend, enabling the sense of scalability by simply plugging in services that can be added as per requirements instead of modifying the app itself. All the functional requirements are processed via API action methods. Amazon RDS (SQL Server 2018) is used for database operations. A separate Payment API is developed with Oauth2 authentication to handle the payment transactions safe and secure. “Serilog” diagnostic library has been implemented for detailed logging. Front-end views have been developed using efficient bootstrap component library, which makes the site responsive and adjustable for all screens and different browsers.

About us

Dyslexic Books are books specially formatted for people with dyslexia. Our books are printed with a font designed to alleviate some of the difficulties typically reported by readers with dyslexia, such as swapping or flipping letters and skipping lines without noticing. Our books are also formatted to improve the spacing between letters, lines and words, and to improve the overall layout of text on a page.

Dyslexic Books is powered by Read How You Want’s patented and award-winning conversion technology that enables books to be produced on demand in alternative formats quickly and easily.

Sofnix developed the website and enabled all the back-end service to for this project which was conceived by ReadHowYouWant. Dyslexic Books website has been developed using ASP.NET framework 4.5. Service oriented architecture has been adopted to develop the backend. All the backend calls for data manipulation and fetching are processed with multi-tier WCF services, Database has been managed at Amazon RDS (SQL Server 2018). A separate PayPal Payment gateway has been developed with encrypted authentication to handle the payment transactions over SSL to make the safe and secure. Front-end User interface has been developed using bootstrap, the remarkably very efficient HTML, CSS and JavaScript framework, to develop responsive interface for all screens and different browsers

About us

Readable English's mission is to simplify and accelerate the process of learning to read and to pronounce words in English.

Readable English believes that learning to read should be both intuitive and stress free, and based on something other than just memorization and rote activities that force the reader to learn and adapt to the series of irregularities that comprise the English language. That's why we've developed a system that replaces hundreds of rules with 21 easy and memorable visual cues that can teach any beginner to read English in a matter of weeks rather than years.

Sofnix was involved from the very start of this idea and worked to develop the concept along with its co-founders. Sofnix developed the internal tools and services and also developed the website application. Readable English has been developed via multiple technologies, making it stand tall among the English learning portals. Public website pages have been designed using DotNetNuke, a web content management system. Which allows the client to make certain changes with ease and minimum dependency. Backend has been developed using the ASP.NET 4.5 framework and Service Oriented Architecture has been adopted to perform business and data related operations. 3-tier WCF services have been used to perform business operations. Protected service layer used to trigger the Amazon RDS (SQL Server 2018). Intercom API has been implemented to store actions performed by customer while using the portal. Also it can help in interaction via live chat with the customers. Besides that Web Socket-based Real Time Messaging API “SLACK” has been implemented to record multiple behaviors, so required actions can be taken on the base of those messages. A separate PayPal Payment gateway has been used to handle payment transactions. Front-end User interface has been developed using bootstrap.

About us

Pronounce Precisely is an app you can use to check and improve your pronunciation of English words. Using voice recognition software, the app compares your pronunciation to native English speakers.

Record yourself saying a word into the app, and you’ll get instant feedback on your pronunciation – Write down how well you pronounced each individual sound in the word!

- Each word is displayed in Readable English (a unique phonetic representation of English that’s easier than the IPA!)
- Receive instant feedback on your pronunciation for the whole word, for each syllable, and for each individual sound (phoneme) in the word
- Use mouth movement videos and written descriptions to improve your pronunciation
- Includes definitions and translations of words

Sofnix has Developed this app in association with Readable English for both IOS and Android platforms. Pronounce Precisely is developed in Xamarin which has been widely used for cross-platform mobile app development that allows engineers to share about 90 percent of code across major platforms. Being a comparatively new tool, it is based on the Microsoft technology stack and already has a community of over 1.4 million developers. For any business operations it connects to database hosted in RDS via REST API services

About us

Bookmicro is an online outsourcing platform designed generally for publishing industry and customized for ReadHowYouWant. BookMicro is a self-managed platform that has following main features:

  1. Self learning & Online trainings via videos, text and sample tests.
  2. Time restricted online tests and automatic instant result system.
  3. Automatic candidate enrollment after passing the initial test and allow him to assign open tasks to himself based on the passed skill tests.
  4. Modules to allow continuous learning and skill enhancement for enrolled candidates to unlock variety of complex and highly paid tasks by passing specific skill tests.
  5. Divide one task into multiple micro tasks and seamlessly integrate the completed micro tasks into one required output.
  6. Maintain dependencies among tasks.
  7. Automatically assign the cost of the micro tasks based on customized formulas.
  8. Task QA Feedback and incentive points system.
  9. Maintain payments and withdrawals.
  10. Allow manual managerial control where required.

Bookmircro is designed and developed by Sofnix. Main technologies used include framework 4.5, XML 1.0 and XSLT 2.0 apart from few third party APIs. Sofnix has been involved in all phases of the project from inception/research till delivery & support.